Content Production

We are your partner for your product presentation from the very beginning and ensure a perfect online presence. In collaboration with our partner SPICE MEDIA, we perfectly stage your products in our in-house photo studio at our brick and mortar e-commerce location in Oberhausen, Germany, and create high-quality content for your online sales.


  1. Complete e-commerce service from a single source:
    Merged fulfilment and content creation.
  2. Efficient time-to-market:
    The in-house photo studio at our e-commerce location in Oberhausen facilitates efficient and fast processing.
  3. Highest quality:
    The SPICE MEDIA experts create the matching premium-quality content for every requirement.
  4. Flexibility:
    Last-minute photo productions are easily carried out in our brick and mortar in-house studio.
  5. Cost-effectiveness:
    Reduced transport and management costs due to short distances and full service provision from a single source.
  6. Sustainability:
    By integrating the service into the fulfilment workflow, there is no physical movement of goods.